Punching Pro

This is an automated sparring apparatus. The objective is to
practice punches and combinations targeted at the head and
torso of the apparatus, whilst you apply defensive ducking and
weaving movements avoiding and blocking punches thrown in
your range. The mechanism maximizes punch speed and
timing whilst limiting punch force to a desired amount,
eliminating the risk of heavy punches and injuries.
I’m still improving the skills of the robot and progress is going

Motion sensors can be installed to make sure the robot
remains focused, with switches in the gloves, head and torso
keeping score of a round. It will be set it up like an arcade
game with programmed boxing scenarios and different
characters to train with and defeat, on you rise to power!
This device is inexpensive to create and the possibilities are
limitless. If you are interested, contact me now, send an email to
me requesting further details. I have legal protection and
ownership of this machine and it’s designs.

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